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Film Review: Whiplash

Back in May I saw the clip below for Whiplash, a film about an aspiring jazz drummer and an overbearing professor. I waited patiently for six months for the film to be released. Watch the two minutes clip to get a sense of why the anticipation for this film … Read Full Article

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Film Review: Uni-Terra

Uni- Terra is an independent film written by Fredonia student Joseph Edwards, who also cast, directed, shot and edited the film, a lot for such a young filmmaker. It only took him three months to put this together and the movie was filmed on his very own … Read Full Article


The Architecture of Sound, Part 2

The venues we see music are more than just a place to congregate to experience concerts and performances. The work that goes into designing, creating and building these venues is a lengthy process that spans years, well before patrons take their seats or find … Read Full Article