We still love and need you, TV – upstatelive.com

We still love and need you, TV – upstatelive.com

You all may be having a love affair with the outside, but it’s starting to feel like an ex to me.

The one you try and get back with and then you are reminded of why you broke up in the first place? In this case, it’s the heat, mosquitoes and crowds that killed the relationship. Which is why I am forever grateful for my true love: television. Tonight, CNN has a new episode of “History of the Sitcom,” which explores some of the TV shows and stories that have become woven into our lives over the years. (Ever find yourself talking about a TV character like they’re actually a friend?)

With all the turmoil we’ve gone through recently, you’d best believe television sitcoms — and their characters — have truly helped some of us get through. (And if you want more from CNN Original Series, you can sign up for the Keep Watching newsletter here.) The Emmy nominations announced Tuesday celebrated some of what Hollywood considers the best TV of the year. Drop me a line if you agreed with the picks (or not). Speaking of TV, let’s roll right into it:

‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 2

Color me OBSESSED with season one of this series about Devi Vishwakumar (played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), a witty Indian American teen trying to live her best high school life following a family tragedy. Season two is here and looks even better than the first season, if that’s at all possible. This time around, Devi is juggling two love interests and dropping lines like, “My mom doesn’t tell me how to live my life, Megan Thee Stallion does.” Hot girl summer, we salute you! The new season is streaming on Netflix.

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